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About Divi Store

Welcome to The Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Light Store, your premier online destination for outdoor lighting solutions and referrals for outdoor kitchen remodeling. Inspired by our vibrant lifestyle in Bradenton, Florida, we recognized the need to enhance outdoor living spaces in our community.

Based on our firsthand experience in Bradenton, where the warm Florida air invites extended outdoor activities, we founded The Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Light Store. Our mission is to transform your outdoor spaces with high-quality lighting products, carefully curated for durability and style.


If you are looking for the best possible way to enhance your outdoor living space in your home, check out our smart patio and outdoor lighting store today.

Summer Staff Picks

Kitchen Remodeling Network

In addition to our online store, we connect you with trusted outdoor kitchen remodeling specialists nationwide. Together, we’ll create a captivating outdoor oasis where you can enjoy the best of Florida living.

Experience exceptional customer service and join our Facebook community for trends, ideas, and connections with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Let The Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Light Store, born from our Bradenton roots, illuminate your outdoor lifestyle with warmth, style, and functionality.

New Arrivals

We are always working with the best manufacturers in the lighting industry to bring you the most modern and trending lights for your next outdoor kitchen remodleing project.

Corporate Office

5646 Cheech Gln
Bradenton, FL 34211


(941) 662- 4889

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