Types of Outdoor Lighting: Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces

Welcome to our outdoor lighting store! We’re here to help you find the perfect lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your backyard, deck, outdoor kitchen, or pool area, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the different types of outdoor lighting that you can use to enhance your home’s exterior, no matter where you live.

Outdoor Lighting for Different Locations

Light Up Your Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outside is a joy, but it’s not much fun if you can’t see what you’re doing. That’s where our range of smart outdoor lights comes in.

Task Lighting

Consider installing task lighting over your grill and prep area. Spotlights are a great choice for this. They provide a focused beam of light, ensuring you can see every detail of your culinary masterpiece.

Ambient Lighting

For a cozy atmosphere, add some ambient lighting. Hanging lights or string lights create a warm, inviting glow that’s perfect for dining al fresco.

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Deck Lighting

Your deck is an extension of your living space, and the right lighting can make it a welcoming place to relax or entertain.

Post Lights

Post lights are a great way to illuminate your deck. These lights can be installed on the top or sides of your deck posts, providing a gentle glow that’s perfect for evening gatherings.

Step Lights

For safety and style, consider adding step lights. These lights can be installed into the risers of your deck stairs, making it easy to navigate your deck after dark.

Pool Area Lighting

A well-lit pool area is not only safer, but it also extends the hours you can enjoy your pool.

Underwater Lights

Underwater lights can make your pool glow with an ethereal light. These lights are specially designed to be safe and durable, even under water.

Landscape Lights

To highlight the beauty of your pool area, use landscape lights. These can be used to illuminate pathways, accentuate features, and create a resort-like atmosphere.

Backyard Lighting

Your backyard is a canvas for outdoor lighting. From security to aesthetics, the right lighting can transform your backyard into a nighttime paradise.


For security and general illumination, floodlights are a great choice. These lights can cover a wide area with a bright light, making them perfect for deterring intruders and lighting up large spaces.

Garden Lights

To highlight the beauty of your garden, consider garden lights. These can be used to illuminate pathways, accentuate features, and create a magical atmosphere.


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